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Group Coordinator HSChauhan
one year ago | hemsinghchauhan

We joined the session thinking that you will teach us the meaning of all shloka but only pronounciation is being taught.Why?

It is a matter of great pleasure that you have a strong thirst for the knowledge of Geeta.

A separate platform "Interpretation Session" has been set up for meaning and better understanding of sloka every weekends. You will be able to take advantage by the learning Geeta from our senior Geeta Scholar speakers who are very well versed in the knowledge of Geeta. Along with this, you will be able to ask your queries related to Geeta and can directly interact with them.

Here are some reasons not to discuss the meaning in the regular class -

️- Time limit

-️ Audience eligibility

- To tie all the different participants of different provinces, age groups, educational qualifications and nature etc. into one thread.

In simple words, when there is a lot of thirst and then we get water, then its taste is different, means like elixir. In the same way, I request you to kindly increase your curiosity through self-study every day. And in the weekend, drink the Elixir of Geeta (Geetamrita) given by the best teachers.