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How can I decide on the style I want in home decoration? Home Decoration
2 years ago | gizem

How can I decide on the style I want in home decoration?

The important thing here, of course, is personal preference.

If you are someone who likes a white and simple finish, you can choose Scandinavian minimalism. If you want warmer tones and a more cozy environment, the browns and greens of the Mid-Century Modern style can give you the warmth you are looking for. If you want a life intertwined with nature and you say that you were created for forests, Rustic style may be a good choice for you. Or you may not have decided what you want yet. Then Contemporary home style is for you. This style, which follows the trends and stands out with its easily changeable structure, is much easier to change as you get bored or ideas change.

Apart from these, there are many styles. It can also be a logical option to mix these styles among themselves. For example, the combination of the cozyness of Japanese homes and Scandinavian minimalism has created the Japandi home style.