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How to design a tiny house? Home Decoration
one year ago | gizem

How to design a tiny house?

You can choose light and pastel colors for small home decoration. You can create a striking space by combining light tones such as white, light gray, ecru, beige, eggshell with dark tones such as mint green, petrol green or blue to use in details.

You can make the space look tidier and therefore larger thanks to products such as hangers behind the door and in-cabinet storage solutions.

You can use thin curtains to take maximum advantage of daylight.

You can get help from glass walls to stylishly separate different points such as the living and dining area in the same room.

If possible, you can construct the interior and exterior of the house as continuation areas. For example, you can make your balcony door sliding and pull the curtains aside to create the perception that the balcony is also included in the living room.

Giving your unused items to those in need or selling them with the help of online applications helps to refresh the space.