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What to avoid when decorating a home? Home Decoration
2 years ago | gizem

What to avoid when decorating a home?

One of the most important and frequently made mistakes is to buy the house seen in the store as it is. Putting different items together to add some soul and personality to the home will create a much more authentic atmosphere. In fact, thrifting some items to your home may be a much better choice.

The next very common mistake is incorrect positioning of the tables. When you hang a painting on your wall, it should be at eye level. Neither too high nor too low. If a gallery wall is being set, each painting should be at most 3-4 inches apart so that it does not look like separate paintings. Also, tables should be no more than 12 inches above the seat. Otherwise, they may lose their complementary role to the furniture.

Same size pillows are a big mistake. Because it makes the house look very empty and monotonous. Pillows of different sizes add dimension to the house.