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How to decorate small balcony and garden? Home Decoration
one year ago | gizem

How to decorate small balcony and garden?

In the selection of balcony and garden furniture, you can choose products that can be opened and closed or that you can fix on the balcony railings.

In order not to interrupt the perception of the integrity of the floor on the balcony, you can choose rugs of one color and covering the whole floor.

Plants are indispensable for both the balcony and the garden! To place the pots, you can mount the pallet on the wall and position your hanging pots there. In addition, the flower pots that can be hung on the balcony railings are also very successful in saving space.

You can illuminate the area with lanterns and torches of different designs. However, we also recommend that you evaluate solar lighting products with beautiful designs.