FAQ About Incentives

2 years ago | jerimay

Who is eligible for Incentives?

Once the status of the employee is probationary, he will be eligible for the incentives.

There are three types of Probationary Employees:

  1. Core Reps but under training- these are the probationary employees who have account but still under training. These reps will receive half of the incentives since they are still under training and they are not being audit yet.
  2. Core Reps who do the process- these are the reps who have account and processing tasks given by the Client. They will be entitled to receive the full incentive amount, given they meet the requirements needed.
  3. Probationary Reps sent back to Simulation- these are the reps from a specific account that sent back to Simulation due to poor performance and client dissolution of account. Since the incentives are based on performance, reps that sent back to simulation will not receive incentives.