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Are there any deleted scenes from Legally Blonde? Legally Blonde
10 months ago | gizem

Are there any deleted scenes from Legally Blonde?

Yes, there are several deleted scenes and alternate versions of scenes from "Legally Blonde" that did not make it into the final theatrical release but have been included in various home video releases and special editions of the film. Some of these deleted scenes provide additional character development and humor. Here are a few notable deleted scenes:

  • Elle's Date Prep: In this scene, Elle prepares for her date with Warner. She practices her answers to expected questions, emphasizing her knowledge of legal terms. This scene highlights Elle's determination to prove herself to Warner.
  • Warner and Vivian's Dinner: This deleted scene shows Warner and Vivian having dinner, during which Vivian attempts to get Warner to open up about Elle. It gives further insight into Vivian's character.
  • Paulette's Date: There's an extended version of the scene where Paulette goes on a date with the UPS delivery man. It provides more humor and interaction between the two characters.
  • Elle's Shower: This scene takes place after Elle's encounter with Professor Callahan. It shows Elle in the shower, still upset about what happened. It adds emotional depth to her character.
  • Elle and Vivian's Confrontation: An alternate version of the confrontation between Elle and Vivian shows Vivian trying to apologize to Elle, adding complexity to their relationship.