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What is the significance of the color pink in Legally Blonde? Legally Blonde
9 months ago | gizem

What is the significance of the color pink in Legally Blonde?

The color pink holds significant symbolism in Legally Blonde, representing various themes and aspects of the film:

  • Femininity and Empowerment: Pink is often associated with traditional notions of femininity. Elle Woods initially embraces pink as a representation of her girly, fashion-conscious side. However, throughout the film, she shows that being feminine and strong are not mutually exclusive. She uses her femininity as a source of empowerment, challenging stereotypes.
  • Elle's Transformation: Pink also symbolizes Elle's journey of self-discovery and transformation. At the beginning of the movie, Elle is stereotypically "girly" and seemingly shallow. As the story progresses, she retains her love for pink but adds depth and substance to her character. This shift symbolizes personal growth and authenticity.
  • Defying Expectations: Elle's use of pink challenges the expectations and prejudices of those around her, especially in the competitive world of Harvard Law School. It shows that someone can be true to themselves, including their fashion choices, while excelling in any field.
  • Positive Energy: Pink is often associated with positivity, enthusiasm, and optimism. Elle's bright and vibrant wardrobe reflects her positive attitude and determination, which ultimately helps her succeed in the face of adversity.
  • Unity and Friendship: In the film's climax, Elle and her friends all wear pink in a show of solidarity and support for Elle during a crucial courtroom scene. This demonstrates the strength of their friendship and reinforces the idea that women can achieve great things when they support each other.