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Who is the costume designer for Legally Blonde, and what were some iconic outfits? Legally Blonde
9 months ago | gizem

Who is the costume designer for Legally Blonde, and what were some iconic outfits?

The costume designer for "Legally Blonde" is Sophie de Rakoff. She played a crucial role in creating the iconic and fashionable looks for the characters in the film, especially Elle Woods. Some of the memorable and iconic outfits from the movie include:

  • The Pink Sorority Dress: Elle wears a stunning pink dress during her sorority's costume party at the beginning of the film. This dress is one of her signature pink outfits and sets the tone for her character's style.
  • The Bunny Costume: Elle's bunny costume, which she wears to a party, is not only memorable but also symbolizes her confidence and unique fashion sense.
  • The Harvard Admissions Video Outfit: Elle's all-pink outfit, complete with a faux fur collar, while filming her video application to Harvard Law School is a standout look. It's both stylish and memorable.
  • The Elle Woods in Court Outfits: Elle's courtroom outfits are stylish and sophisticated, showcasing her ability to combine fashion with professionalism. Her pink suits and coordinated accessories become synonymous with her character's style.
  • The "Bend and Snap" Outfit: The pink, form-fitting dress that Elle wears when she teaches Paulette the "bend and snap" move is both stylish and memorable. This scene has become an iconic moment in the film.
  • The Graduation Gown: Elle's pink graduation gown at the end of the film is a perfect representation of her unique style and her ability to stay true to herself while achieving her goals.