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How did Elle Woods overcome stereotypes and judgments at Harvard? Legally Blonde
9 months ago | gizem

How did Elle Woods overcome stereotypes and judgments at Harvard?

Elle Woods overcame stereotypes and judgments at Harvard Law School through her determination, intelligence, and authenticity. Here are some key ways in which she did so:

  • Proving Her Academic Abilities: Elle initially faces skepticism and condescension from her classmates and professors, who assume she doesn't belong at Harvard due to her "girly" appearance and fashion-focused background. However, Elle is not discouraged. She takes her studies seriously, excels academically, and proves her intelligence and dedication.
  • Confidence and Self-Belief: Elle's unwavering self-confidence and belief in herself are instrumental in her success. She does not let the doubts or judgments of others undermine her self-esteem. Instead, she uses criticism as motivation to prove herself.
  • Work Ethic: Elle's strong work ethic is evident throughout the film. She works hard to understand complex legal concepts, participates actively in class, and conducts thorough research. Her dedication to her studies earns the respect of her professors and peers.
  • Leveraging Her Unique Skills: Elle recognizes that her fashion knowledge and understanding of human behavior can be valuable assets in the legal world. She uses her unique skills to stand out and make meaningful contributions, such as identifying a key witness in a case based on a perm.
  • Building Supportive Relationships: Elle forms supportive friendships with characters like Emmett and Paulette, who see her for who she is beyond her appearance. These relationships provide her with a strong support system and allies at Harvard.
  • Remaining Authentic: Elle remains true to herself throughout her Harvard journey. She continues to embrace her love of fashion, pink, and her "girly" interests without compromising her intelligence or determination. Her authenticity challenges the notion that women must conform to certain expectations to succeed.
  • Succeeding in Real-World Challenges: Elle's ability to navigate real-world legal challenges, such as successfully representing Brooke Wyndham in court, demonstrates her legal acumen and proves that her success is not a fluke.
  • Leading by Example: Elle's resilience and determination inspire others to reevaluate their own judgments and biases. Her success sets an example and challenges the stereotypes held by her classmates and professors.