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How did Elle Woods and Paulette become friends? Legally Blonde
9 months ago | gizem

How did Elle Woods and Paulette become friends?

Elle Woods and Paulette become friends in "Legally Blonde" through a series of interactions and mutual support:

  • Initial Meeting: Elle first meets Paulette when she goes to the nail salon where Paulette works as a manicurist. Paulette is initially taken aback by Elle's fashionable and seemingly out-of-place appearance but quickly realizes that Elle is a kind and empathetic person.
  • Listening and Empathy: Elle demonstrates her ability to listen and empathize with others. When she notices that Paulette is distressed over her ex-boyfriend, Elle takes the time to listen to her and offer heartfelt advice. She encourages Paulette to be confident and take control of her life.
  • Friendship and Support: Elle's genuine concern for Paulette's well-being and her willingness to offer friendship and support create a bond between them. Elle encourages Paulette to believe in herself and her ability to attract the attention of the UPS delivery man, Kyle.
  • Empowering Paulette: Elle helps Paulette regain her self-confidence and gives her the courage to pursue a romantic interest in Kyle. She teaches Paulette the "bend and snap" move, which becomes a humorous and iconic moment in the film.
  • Mutual Support: As the film progresses, Paulette reciprocates Elle's friendship and support. She becomes one of Elle's confidantes and is there for her during challenging moments, such as Elle's struggles at Harvard Law School.