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What is the Starbucks social responsibility policy? Starbucks
one year ago | gizem

What is the Starbucks social responsibility policy?

Starbucks has a comprehensive social responsibility policy that covers various areas including ethical sourcing of coffee, environmental sustainability, community engagement, and ethical employment practices. 

Starbucks is committed to ethically sourcing its coffee beans and supports responsible farming practices. The company has established partnerships with coffee farmers around the world and provides resources and training to improve their livelihoods and sustainability of their farming practices.

Starbucks has a commitment to reducing its environmental impact and has set targets to reduce waste, water usage, and greenhouse gas emissions in its stores and supply chain. The company also has programs to promote recycling and the use of renewable energy.

Starbucks aims to operate in a way that is responsible and sustainable, and to have a positive impact on the communities it serves.