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Did the Gossip Girl TV show follow the books?

While the Gossip Girl TV show was inspired by the book series of the same name, it did not follow the books exactly.

While the basic premise of both the TV show and the book series is similar - a group of wealthy teenagers living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan navigate the ups and downs of high school while being monitored by an anonymous gossip blogger - the TV show made significant changes to the original story, including:

  • Expanding on the characters and their storylines: The TV show introduced several new characters and storylines that were not present in the book series, and gave more depth and complexity to existing characters.
  • Updating the setting and fashion: The TV show updated the story to take place in the present day, and featured more contemporary fashion and technology than the book series.
  • Changing the identity of Gossip Girl: While the identity of Gossip Girl is not revealed in the book series, the TV show made the controversial decision to reveal Gossip Girl's identity in the final season, and to make it a character who was not even present in the books.