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Who is Vanessa Abrams in Gossip Girl?

Vanessa Abrams is a main character in the Gossip Girl TV series. She is introduced as a childhood friend of Dan Humphrey and an outsider in the world of the wealthy and privileged Upper East Side. Vanessa is an aspiring filmmaker and is often depicted as a more down-to-earth and politically conscious character than the other characters in the show.

Over the course of the series, Vanessa's character experiences several ups and downs, including a romantic relationship with Dan and a brief fling with Nate Archibald. She also becomes more involved in the fashion industry and launches her own line of handbags.

Vanessa's character is known for her bohemian style and her strong sense of ethics. She often clashes with the show's other characters over issues such as social justice and environmentalism.

While Vanessa is a main character in the first three seasons of the show, she becomes a recurring character in later seasons before leaving the series altogether.