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one year ago | gizem

What is the relationship between Blair and Chuck in Gossip Girl?

Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass have a complicated and often tumultuous relationship throughout the Gossip Girl TV series.

At the beginning of the series, Blair and Chuck are portrayed as two of the most powerful and scheming characters on the Upper East Side, and they often use their relationship with each other to gain power and manipulate those around them. They have a friends-with-benefits relationship for much of the first season, which is characterized by intense passion and jealousy.

In later seasons, Blair and Chuck become more serious about each other, and they date on and off throughout the series. They face many obstacles in their relationship, including betrayal, trust issues, and personal demons, but ultimately they are shown to truly love and care for each other.

Their relationship is a major storyline throughout the series, and their ups and downs provide much of the drama and tension that makes Gossip Girl so popular.