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What is the role of Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl?

Jenny Humphrey is a significant character in the Gossip Girl TV series. She is initially introduced as a freshman at the same prestigious Upper East Side prep school as the show's other main characters, and she quickly becomes a protege of Blair Waldorf, who takes her under her wing and helps her navigate the complicated social scene of their school.

Over the course of the series, Jenny's character undergoes significant development as she rises in popularity and becomes more involved in the world of fashion. She also experiences several ups and downs in her personal life, including a romantic relationship with Nate Archibald and a complicated relationship with her father.

Jenny's character is known for her unique sense of style and her passion for fashion design. In later seasons of the show, she becomes more involved in the fashion industry and launches her own clothing line.

While Jenny's character is a key part of the show's ensemble, she is not present in all six seasons of the series. After appearing regularly in the first three seasons, she becomes a recurring character in seasons four and five before making a brief appearance in the final season.