FAQ About Vidcon

11 months ago | gizem

Can I livestream or record sessions and panels at VidCon?

The policy regarding livestreaming or recording sessions and panels at VidCon can vary based on the event, the specific session, and the preferences of the speakers and event organizers. Generally, VidCon events encourage engagement, interaction, and sharing among attendees, but there are some important guidelines to consider:

  • Check Event Policies: Before livestreaming or recording any sessions, carefully review the event's policies, terms of use, and guidelines related to content creation and sharing. This information is often available on the event's official website or app.
  • Respect Speaker Preferences: Some speakers might have specific preferences about whether their sessions can be recorded or livestreamed. If a speaker requests that their session not be recorded, respect their wishes.
  • Ask for Permission: If you plan to record or livestream a session, consider asking the event staff or session organizers for permission in advance. They can provide guidance and let you know if there are any specific requirements or limitations.
  • Location and Duration: Some events might have designated areas or time slots where recording or livestreaming is allowed. Make sure you're aware of these areas or times.
  • Respect Attendees: Be mindful of other attendees when recording or livestreaming. Avoid blocking their view or causing distractions.
  • Equipment: If you're using equipment like cameras or tripods, make sure they are not obstructing walkways or creating safety hazards.
  • Non-Commercial Use: In many cases, events allow attendees to record or livestream sessions for personal use or to share with their own followers. However, using recorded content for commercial purposes might require special permissions.
  • Online Etiquette: If you plan to share livestreams or recorded content online, use appropriate tags, hashtags, and descriptions to credit speakers and provide context to viewers.
  • Privacy and Consent: Be cautious about recording audience members without their consent. Some attendees might not want to appear in your recordings.
  • Editing: If you plan to edit or share the content afterward, ensure that you're presenting the content accurately and in a way that respects the original context.
  • Event Updates: Sometimes, events may have last-minute changes to their recording or livestreaming policies. Stay updated through the event's official communication channels.
  • Event Hashtags: If you're sharing content online, use the event's official hashtags to connect with the wider community and allow others to discover your content.