FAQ About Vidcon

11 months ago | gizem

How early should I arrive to get the best experience at VidCon?

Arriving early at VidCon can greatly enhance your overall experience by allowing you to maximize your time, participate in popular activities, and avoid missing out on sessions or opportunities. While the ideal arrival time can vary based on your goals and interests, here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Check the Schedule: Review the event schedule and plan which panels, workshops, meet-and-greets, and activities you want to attend. Note the start times and locations of your top priority sessions.
  • High-Priority Sessions: For high-priority sessions or events that you're particularly excited about, aim to arrive at the venue well before the session starts. Seats for popular sessions can fill up quickly, so arriving early increases your chances of getting a good seat.
  • Networking and Exploration: If networking, exploring the venue, and interacting with exhibitors are important to you, arriving early gives you the opportunity to do so before the event gets too crowded.
  • Registration and Check-In: If you need to pick up your badge, registration materials, or any event swag, arriving early can help you avoid long lines and delays.
  • Creator Meet-and-Greets: If you have tickets for creator meet-and-greets, follow the instructions provided by the event organizers regarding arrival times and queueing.
  • Breaks and Meals: Arriving early also provides you with time for breaks, meals, and exploring the food options available at the venue.
  • Special Sessions: Some events offer early access or special sessions for attendees who arrive early. Check if there are any such opportunities at the event you're attending.
  • Take Advantage of Less Crowded Times: Arriving early might allow you to experience the event with fewer attendees, making it easier to engage with creators, ask questions, and take photos without the rush.
  • Capture Content: If you're a content creator or enjoy documenting your experiences, arriving early provides more opportunities for capturing photos and videos of the event before it gets crowded.
  • Socializing: If connecting with fellow attendees, fans, and creators is important to you, arriving early gives you more time for casual interactions and networking.