FAQ About Vidcon

11 months ago | gizem

When and where is VidCon held?

VidCon is held at various times and locations around the world, catering to different regions and audiences. The specific dates and venues can vary from year to year. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some examples of VidCon events and their typical locations:

  • VidCon US: This is the original and most well-known VidCon event. It's usually held in the summer months, often in June or July, in Anaheim, California, USA. The Anaheim Convention Center is the primary venue for VidCon US.
  • VidCon Europe: VidCon Europe has been held in various European cities. Locations have included Amsterdam, Netherlands, and London, UK. The event typically takes place in the spring.
  • VidCon Australia: VidCon Australia has been held in Melbourne, Australia. The event has taken place in the fall, often in September.
  • VidCon Asia: VidCon Asia events have been held in cities like Singapore. Dates and locations can vary for this region.
  • VidCon Mexico: VidCon expanded to Mexico as well, with events held in Mexico City. Dates and locations can vary for this region.