FAQ About Vidcon

11 months ago | gizem

Can parents accompany their children to VidCon?

Yes, parents can often accompany their children to VidCon events. In fact, many events encourage parents or guardians to attend with their underage children, especially if the children are under 18 years old. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Age Restrictions: Some VidCon activities or sessions might have age restrictions or content that is more suitable for older attendees. Having a parent or guardian present can help ensure that younger attendees have a safe and appropriate experience.
  • Parental Consent: Depending on the event and the age of the attendee, parental consent might be required for underage attendees to attend the event. This could involve signing a consent form or agreeing to specific terms and conditions.
  • Accompanying Minors: If you're a parent or guardian accompanying a minor attendee, you might need to purchase a ticket for yourself as well, especially if you plan to attend the event's activities, panels, or workshops.
  • Supervision: Parental supervision is generally recommended, especially for younger attendees. VidCon events can be crowded and have a busy schedule, so having a parent present can help ensure the safety and well-being of young attendees.
  • Parent Activities: Some VidCon events might offer activities, workshops, or panels specifically for parents or guardians. These activities can provide information about online media, content creation, and digital safety.
  • Family Passes: Some events offer family passes that bundle tickets for parents and children together at a discounted rate.