FAQ About Vidcon

11 months ago | gizem

What is the difference between VidCon US and VidCon Europe/Asia/Australia?

The main difference between VidCon US and VidCon Europe/Asia/Australia lies in their locations and the specific regional audiences they cater to. Here's a breakdown of the key differences:


  • VidCon US: The original VidCon event is held in Anaheim, California, USA. It's the flagship event and often serves as a hub for the global online video and social media community.
  • VidCon Europe: VidCon Europe events have been held in various European cities, such as Amsterdam, Netherlands, and London, UK. These events bring together content creators, fans, and industry professionals from across Europe.
  • VidCon Asia: VidCon Asia events focus on the Asian region and have been held in cities like Singapore. These events provide a platform for content creators and fans from Asia to connect and collaborate.
  • VidCon Australia: VidCon Australia events are held in Melbourne, Australia. They cater to the Australian and nearby regions' content creators and fans.

Regional Content and Creators:

  • Each regional VidCon event aims to highlight and celebrate the content creators, influencers, and online communities specific to that region. This means you'll find a mix of local and international creators at each event.

Cultural Relevance:

  • VidCon Europe, Asia, and Australia events often feature content, discussions, and activities that are culturally relevant to their respective regions. This helps attendees connect with creators and content that resonate with their own experiences.

Networking and Collaboration:

  • All VidCon events offer opportunities for networking and collaboration, but the specific connections you make at each event might vary based on the attendees from that region.

Languages and Translation:

  • Depending on the region, there might be differences in the languages spoken and the availability of translation services for sessions and panels.

Programming and Activities:

  • While the core elements of VidCon remain consistent (panels, meet-and-greets, workshops, etc.), the specific programming and activities can differ based on regional interests and trends.

Dates and Schedules:

  • The dates and schedules of VidCon events can vary. While VidCon US is typically held in the summer, other events might be held at different times of the year.

Local Industry Presence:

  • Industry professionals attending these events might differ based on regional media landscapes, regulations, and opportunities.