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Are there Barbie dolls that come with interactive features or technology? Barbie
10 months ago | gizem

Are there Barbie dolls that come with interactive features or technology?

Yes, there are Barbie dolls that come with interactive features and incorporate technology to enhance play experiences. Mattel has introduced various lines of Barbie dolls that integrate interactive elements. Here are a few examples:

  • Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Interactive Dolls: These dolls are designed to interact with the Barbie Dreamhouse (a playset) through speech recognition technology. They respond to specific voice commands, triggering various lights, sounds, and movements within the Dreamhouse.
  • Barbie Hello Dreamhouse: This high-tech playset includes a voice-activated feature, allowing children to control certain functions of the Dreamhouse using voice commands.
  • Barbie Color Reveal: This line of dolls combines the surprise of unboxing with technology. The dolls are hidden within a color-changing tube, and by dipping the tube into water, the color dissolves, revealing the doll inside.
  • Barbie Video Game Hero: These dolls tie into the Barbie Video Game Hero movie and video game. They feature interactive capabilities, such as LED lights, buttons, and sensors, enabling children to engage in virtual adventures.
  • Barbie Hologram: The Barbie Hologram doll utilizes holographic projection technology, creating a virtual Barbie companion that can interact with the user, answer questions, and perform various activities.