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What is the history of the Barbie car? Barbie
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What is the history of the Barbie car?

The Barbie car, also known as the Barbie Corvette, is one of the most iconic accessories in the Barbie toy line. The history of the Barbie car dates back to 1962, when Mattel introduced the first Barbie car, a bright red convertible that was designed to fit the Barbie doll perfectly.

Over the years, the Barbie car has evolved and been updated to keep up with changing trends and technology. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Barbie car became more elaborate, with features such as working headlights and taillights, doors that opened and closed, and even a working horn. In the 1990s, the Barbie car continued to evolve, with new designs that included pink and purple convertibles, sporty coupes, and even a jeep.

In recent years, the Barbie car has become even more high-tech, with features such as remote control operation, working sound systems, and even built-in GPS navigation. The latest version of the Barbie car is the Barbie DreamCamper, which is a full-size vehicle that can be driven by children and includes a variety of features such as a pop-up camper, working headlights, and a working horn.