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Can Barbie dolls be posed and moved? Barbie
one year ago | gizem

Can Barbie dolls be posed and moved?

Yes, Barbie dolls can be posed and moved. Barbie dolls are typically designed with movable joints that allow for a range of poses and movements. The most common points of articulation in Barbie dolls include:

  • Head: The head of a Barbie doll can usually be turned from side to side and tilted up and down, allowing for different facial expressions and poses.
  • Arms: Barbie dolls generally have movable arms at the shoulder joint, which allows them to be raised, lowered, or extended outward.
  • Elbows: Many Barbie dolls have jointed elbows, enabling them to bend and hold objects or strike various poses.
  • Hands: Barbie dolls often have hands with flexible fingers, allowing for gripping or holding items.
  • Legs: Barbie dolls typically have movable legs at the hip joint, allowing for walking, sitting, or standing poses. Some dolls may also have jointed knees, allowing for additional flexibility and posing options.
  • Feet: Barbie dolls usually have feet that can be positioned and balanced to stand on their own or fit into stands or playsets.