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Can Barbie dolls be played with in water? Barbie
10 months ago | gizem

Can Barbie dolls be played with in water?

Barbie dolls are generally not designed to be played with in water, especially for extended periods or submersion. While some Barbie dolls may have components that are water-friendly, such as swimsuits or water accessories, the dolls themselves are not intended for full water play.

Most Barbie dolls have fabric hair and may have internal metal components or mechanisms that can be damaged by water. Water exposure can cause issues such as rusting, discoloration, and degradation of the doll's materials, including the hair, body, and joints.

If you want to incorporate water play with Barbie dolls, it is recommended to use dolls specifically designed for water play, such as Barbie bath dolls or dolls explicitly labeled as "water play" or "swim dolls." These dolls are typically made with materials and construction that can withstand water exposure without damage.

Always refer to the specific care instructions provided with the Barbie doll or its packaging to ensure proper handling and maintenance to keep the doll in good condition.