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Can you explain the inspiration behind Leigh Bardugo's characters? Leigh Bardugo
6 months ago | gizem

Can you explain the inspiration behind Leigh Bardugo's characters?

Cultural Influences:

  • Bardugo's Grishaverse is inspired by Russian folklore and other cultural elements. The characters in her novels, particularly those in the Grisha Trilogy, reflect aspects of this inspiration. The clothing, naming conventions, and cultural practices within the Grishaverse draw from various real-world influences.

Personal Experiences:

  • Authors often infuse elements of their own experiences, emotions, and observations into their characters. While not directly autobiographical, Bardugo may draw on her own feelings, challenges, and growth when crafting the personalities and journeys of her characters.

Literary and Mythological Influences:

  • Bardugo has expressed her love for literature and mythology. Elements of classic literature, folklore, and mythology can be found in the themes, symbols, and character archetypes within her works. These influences contribute to the depth and richness of her characters.

Diversity and Representation:

  • Bardugo places a strong emphasis on diversity and representation in her works. Her characters come from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and orientations, contributing to a more inclusive and authentic portrayal of a fictional world.

Research and Exploration:

  • Bardugo often engages in research to inform the backgrounds and characteristics of her characters. Whether delving into historical contexts, studying different cultures, or exploring specific topics related to her narrative, research plays a role in shaping her characters and their worlds.

Real-World Inspirations:

  • Bardugo has mentioned drawing inspiration from real-world individuals, historical figures, and archetypes. These inspirations can be woven into the fabric of her characters, providing a sense of familiarity or resonance for readers.

Character Development and Growth:

  • Bardugo focuses on character development and growth throughout her novels. Characters evolve over the course of the story, responding to challenges, making choices, and experiencing transformations. This focus on growth adds depth and authenticity to her characters.

Reader Engagement:

  • Bardugo is known for her engagement with her readers. While writing, she may consider the expectations, reactions, and feedback from her audience, creating characters that resonate with a diverse and dedicated readership.