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What inspired Leigh Bardugo to create the Grishaverse? Leigh Bardugo
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What inspired Leigh Bardugo to create the Grishaverse?

Russian Folklore and Culture:

  • One of the most prominent inspirations for the Grishaverse is Russian folklore and culture. Bardugo was fascinated by the history, mythology, and aesthetics of Russia, and she drew upon these elements to shape the world-building, language, and atmosphere of the Grishaverse.

Historical Influences:

  • Beyond Russian folklore, Bardugo incorporated elements from various historical periods and locations, providing a diverse and dynamic backdrop for her fantasy world. This blending of different cultural and historical influences contributes to the unique and layered setting of the Grishaverse.

Fantasy Classics:

  • As a fan of fantasy literature, Bardugo was influenced by classic works in the genre. While creating the Grishaverse, she aimed to contribute to the tradition of epic fantasy storytelling while infusing her own distinct voice and perspective.

Literary Inspirations:

  • Bardugo has cited a range of literary influences that have shaped her approach to storytelling and world-building. These may include classic literature, contemporary fantasy novels, and a variety of genres that have inspired her creative process.

Visual and Artistic Inspirations:

  • Bardugo's background in the arts, including her work as a makeup artist and involvement in the entertainment industry, likely played a role in shaping the visual aspects of the Grishaverse. The vivid descriptions of landscapes, magical abilities, and character aesthetics contribute to the immersive quality of her novels.

Personal Experiences:

  • Like many authors, Bardugo also drew from her personal experiences, emotions, and observations to infuse authenticity into her characters and their journeys. This personal connection to the material contributes to the relatability of the Grishaverse.