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How did Leigh Bardugo become a successful author? Leigh Bardugo
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How did Leigh Bardugo become a successful author?

Passion for Writing:

  • Bardugo had a passion for storytelling and writing from a young age. Before her career as a novelist, she worked in various creative fields, including journalism, makeup, and advertising.

Creative Background:

  • Bardugo's diverse background in the arts, including working as a makeup artist and in the entertainment industry, provided her with a unique perspective and a foundation for creativity.

Writing Discipline:

  • She developed a disciplined writing routine. Even while working in other fields, Bardugo made time to write and hone her craft. This commitment to her writing allowed her to develop her skills over time.

Participation in Writing Communities:

  • Bardugo actively participated in writing communities and online platforms, connecting with other aspiring authors and sharing her work. This not only provided valuable feedback but also helped her build a supportive network.

Debut Novel - Shadow and Bone:

  • Bardugo's breakthrough came with the publication of her debut novel, "Shadow and Bone," in 2012. The book, part of the Grisha Trilogy, received positive reviews for its unique world-building, engaging characters, and compelling storyline.

Building the Grishaverse:

  • Bardugo continued to expand the Grishaverse with subsequent series, including the Six of Crows duology and the King of Scars duology. This helped build a dedicated fanbase and contributed to her overall success as an author.

Adaptations and Media Presence:

  • The announcement and subsequent release of adaptations, such as the Netflix series based on the Grishaverse ("Shadow and Bone"), increased Bardugo's visibility. Her engaging presence on social media platforms also allowed her to connect directly with readers and fans.

Consistent Quality and Innovation:

  • Bardugo maintained a consistent level of quality in her writing, delivering imaginative and well-crafted stories. Her ability to innovate within the fantasy genre, introducing complex characters and intricate world-building, set her apart.

Recognition and Awards:

  • Bardugo's works received recognition and awards within the literary community. This added to her credibility as a successful author and contributed to the popularity of her books.