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What is the meaning behind the title "Six of Crows"?

The Group of Characters:

  • The "Six" in the title refers to the six main characters who form a diverse and skilled team assembled by the character Kaz Brekker. The group includes Kaz himself, Inej Ghafa, Nina Zenik, Matthias Helvar, Jesper Fahey, and Wylan Van Eck. Each member brings unique abilities, skills, and backgrounds to the team.


  • The term "Crows" is a nickname for the group. It is derived from Kaz Brekker's alias, "Dirtyhands," and his reputation as a ruthless and cunning individual. Crows are often associated with intelligence, resourcefulness, and a certain level of cunning, fitting the nature of the characters and their roles in the story.


  • The choice of "Crows" as a symbol is significant. Crows are often seen as intelligent, adaptable, and strategic birds. In various cultures and mythologies, crows are associated with mystery, transformation, and the ability to navigate between different realms. These qualities mirror the characteristics and challenges faced by the characters in the novel.

Mission and Heist Theme:

  • The title encapsulates the central plot of the duology, which revolves around a daring heist orchestrated by Kaz Brekker. The mission involves breaking into the impenetrable Ice Court, a heavily fortified stronghold, to retrieve a valuable hostage. The number "Six" reflects the team undertaking this perilous and seemingly impossible task.