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How does Leigh Bardugo approach world-building in her novels? Leigh Bardugo
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How does Leigh Bardugo approach world-building in her novels?

Inspiration from Real-World Cultures:

  • Bardugo draws inspiration from various real-world cultures and historical periods, infusing her fantasy worlds with a diverse range of influences. The Grishaverse, in particular, is inspired by Russian folklore and culture, creating a unique and atmospheric setting.

Distinctive Magic Systems:

  • Bardugo develops intricate and distinctive magic systems within her worlds. In the Grishaverse, for example, magic users known as Grisha possess specific abilities related to manipulation of the elements. The detailed exploration of these magical abilities adds depth to the world and impacts the dynamics between characters and nations.

Detailed Geography and Settings:

  • Bardugo pays attention to the geography and physical settings of her fictional worlds. From the sprawling city of Ketterdam in the Six of Crows Duology to the war-torn landscapes of Ravka in the Grisha Trilogy, the environments contribute to the overall atmosphere and narrative.

Cultural and Social Structures:

  • The author establishes detailed cultural and social structures within her worlds, reflecting the diversity of the fictional societies. This includes hierarchies, traditions, and societal norms that influence the characters' lives and interactions.

Integration of Folklore and Mythology:

  • Bardugo seamlessly weaves elements of folklore and mythology into her worlds. This not only adds richness to the storytelling but also provides a sense of history and depth to the cultures within the narratives.

Interconnected Storylines:

  • While Bardugo's novels often feature different series with distinct storylines, they are interconnected within the Grishaverse. Characters and events from one series may influence or be referenced in another, creating a cohesive and expansive narrative universe.

Character-Driven World-Building:

  • Bardugo integrates world-building with character development, allowing readers to explore the intricacies of the world through the experiences and perspectives of the characters. The characters' backgrounds, beliefs, and relationships contribute to the overall tapestry of the fictional world.

Attention to Detail:

  • Bardugo's attention to detail is evident in the small elements that make her worlds feel lived-in and authentic. Whether it's the naming of places, the customs of different cultures, or the nuances of magical abilities, these details contribute to the immersive quality of the settings.