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Coffee Brewing
one year ago | gizem

Should I grind my coffee beans fresh or use pre-ground coffee?

Grinding your coffee beans fresh is generally recommended for the best flavor and aroma. When coffee beans are ground, they begin to oxidize and lose their flavor and aroma more quickly than whole beans. Pre-ground coffee, on the other hand, has already been exposed to air and begins to lose its freshness from the moment it's ground.

By grinding your coffee beans fresh, you can ensure that the oils and flavors are preserved until the moment you brew the coffee. This can result in a fresher and more flavorful cup of coffee.

If you don't have a coffee grinder or don't have time to grind your beans fresh each time, pre-ground coffee can still produce a decent cup of coffee, especially if the coffee is freshly roasted and the packaging has been properly sealed to maintain freshness.

However, keep in mind that pre-ground coffee may not have the same freshness or depth of flavor as freshly ground beans, and the grind size may not be optimized for your specific brewing method. If you're serious about brewing high-quality coffee, investing in a good quality grinder and grinding your beans fresh is recommended.