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one year ago | gizem

Should I use a paper filter or a metal filter for my coffee?

The decision to use a paper filter or a metal filter for coffee depends on personal preference and the brewing method being used.

Paper filters are made of porous materials and trap the coffee grounds while allowing the brewed coffee to pass through. Paper filters tend to produce a clean and smooth cup of coffee, with less sediment or oils. They also remove some of the coffee's natural oils that can contribute to a bitter taste.

Metal filters, on the other hand, are usually made of stainless steel and allow more coffee oils and sediment to pass through into the brewed coffee. This can result in a cup of coffee with a richer and fuller flavor, but it may also have a slightly grittier texture.

Some brewing methods, such as pour-over, typically use paper filters, while others, such as French press, commonly use metal filters.

The choice between paper and metal filters depends on your personal taste preferences. Try both methods and see which one produces the flavor and texture that you prefer.